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We Want To Serve for You!


Data Integration

Protecting our clients' integrity is key. Our state of the art software allows you to securely import filing and service documents directly into our case management application, review existing cases, view photos and videos, request new serves, access job history and much more.


Stay connected with every case. With access to our case management application, you can view updates on every case. Stay connected with your server and monitor every step of the process until you receive your signed proof of service. 


Real Time Notifications

Receive instant notifications within seconds of service attempt.


GPS & Photo Evidence

Access your process server's coordinates and photos taken at the time of service.


Virtual Ride Along

Add client requirements to 
ANTIS Mobile & gain direct 
oversight of every service.


Why Choose Us?


At Antis Civil Processing Agency, we understand the need for you to find a reputable Process Server when it’s time to serve citations, petitions, summonses, subpoenas, temporary restraining orders and more. We utilize GPS tracking, photo verification, and electronic document management. Access all of your legal documents through our online Client Portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and stay connected with your process server.


Track Your Case from Dispatch to Doorstep

Upload your case and monitor every step until you receive your signed proof of service. Your proof of service will match your court. Guaranteed.

APCA process servers report every event from their vehicles, with photos and GPS. Follow progress on your dashboard. Get instant notifications of key events.

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